Saturday, September 8, 2012


As you probably know, we were going to buy a car today. I talked with the car guy yesterday and he said we could meet at 10:30 today. He didn't want to meet too early because he was going out to a bachelor party Friday night. When I woke up this morning and checked my email, I got this:

Is "personal emergency" Korean for "way to drunk to function"? Because that's what I'm picking up from that email.

No problem. That just meant more time to buy a phone! My coworker, Korean-American, Mark, offered to help us get phones. Yeah! We met Mark at 9:30 in Gangnam and we took the bus to Iteawon.  When we got to the phone stores, they weren't open yet-perhaps a "personal emergency"? Not sure. We went and got some food and went back to What the Book. We returned to the phone stores and got down to business. We were there for HOURS. We thought we got somewhere, then found out all the prices he'd quoted us were for a 3 year contract, not a 2 year. It was so complicated. Poor Mark. He spent almost his entire day helping us at the phone store. We finally got settled on a plan only to find out that they only activate phones during business hours (i.e. M-F) (i.e. Not today). We got our phones with the promise that poor Mark will talk to them again on Monday to let us know when it's ready to go. We returned to Yongin and the kids watched a movie, played on the playground and went to bed. After my long day, I wanted to get out of the apartment and go someplace where everyone knows my name.

So I went to Sinsegae. Actually no one knows my name here.

More specifically, I visited the Bobbi Brown counter

 Not exactly the wonderful Mary Wolfgang, but she'll do for now

I could only hang out around the makeup counter for so long and I needed a few things next door at emart, so that's where I went next.
Emart was having a sale on clothes. there was a cute skirt. I found the biggest size I could-a 95. I asked the sales lady if it might fit me. She pointed to the "M" on it and said "No No No" then she pointed to my midsection. That brought me down-I figured that kind of thing might happen here, but nothing can prepare you to hear that. Luckily emart was there not only to knock me down, but give me some comfort when I'm sad. Look, a tiny sauna.
Put your legs in and rest...

According to this brochure that I read while I was heating up my legs, you can do this while laying on the couch or while getting work done! 
 Guess what brand of sauna it is??? Moon Walk! I guess because it heats up your legs and makes your muscles so loose that you could moon walk?

I still was feeling a little down and worn out (read: tubby and tired) when I spotted these massager chairs out for demo. This chair was amazing! I'm convinced that Brookstone chairs are the folding chairs of the massage chair world after this.

Alright, I had to go home some time. By now, it was nearly 10pm. I had to grab some groceries before I left. I came across this in the frozen foods and thought it was funny. The brand of food is "Authentic Asia" and the box is all in English. I thought it was funny because I'm actually in Asia and the actual authentic food is a few yards away.

Here's authentic Asia for you. A packed Emart grocery at 10pm!

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