Sunday, September 2, 2012

Olympic Park

Today we had a picnic in the park with Miller and Dora! We didn't go to just any park, we went to OLYMPIC PARK.

This is called World Peace Gate 

 We met Miller and Dora at World Peace Gate (which is not easy when you don't have a cell phone. It takes a lot of coordination via facebook beforehand. Fortunately, we'll be getting cell phones next weekend!) The 7 of us enthusiastically decided that we needed one of these 4 person bikes.

August got the best seat on the bike: in the front with a great view and no pedals.

Jim, Grace and Miller in the front
 The pedaling was definitely more strenuous than I had bargained for. It was more "sweaty" than "carefree fun". The driver's pedal fell off 3/4 of the way around the park.

Overall, the weather today was perfect for a picnic. It was cooler than it's been and not as humid. We found a nice spot in front of a lake with a view of the World Peace Gate behind it. We brought American food to share (pb&j, cheetoes, oreos) and Miller and Dora brought Korean food (pasteries and sandwiches from Paris Baguette as well as Kimbop).

Jim is responsible for the Gilligan-ing of this hat

Dora and Grace sharing food
Dora and Ruby sharing food

Look at this park! Isn't it so beautiful?!


Grace holding very still, trying to get a butterfly to land on her

 And, just like every place else in Korea, there was a playground!
Unfortunately there were a LOT of bees around, so it ended play time abruptly and we headed home

Now the kids are already ready to go to bed and it's not even 6:00. Overall, great way to spend our Sunday.

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