Thursday, September 6, 2012

My first movie

I was inspired by a short film/preview of a soon-to-be-produced longer film (perhaps?) created by Miller, and had to make my own. It's kind of arty so let me explain. The kids had mosquito bites and my solution is always to itch it until it bleeds. Not sound advice, but it's worked for me for over 30 years. We were all discussing this on our picnic at Olympic Park with Miller and Dora. Miller said he knew of an ointment from China that would help with the itching. The next day I found this on my desk:

We tried the solution today and as a hearty thank you to Miller, I have made this tribute movie. Enjoy.


  1. Amazing, wonderful, ready for Sundance!

  2. Wow. Powerful. Also, the note from Miller is priceless.