Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Quilt: My favorite store in Korea

All teachers at my campus host an after school club. Naturally, I am sponsoring the Sewing Club. As you know, I didn't totally love Dongdemun (although I found out that the fabric I probably wanted was on the 5th floor, while I only made it to the 4th floor on the day I went) (UPDATE 8/30/14: Happy Quilt does have a stall at Dongdamun! It's in the A building on the 5th floor stall A5215).

With sewing club quickly approaching (it starts on Tuesday), I reached out to facebook to see who knew what about where to go. Lucky for me, it seems that in the KIS community there's always someone who knows the answer.

Leanne, who's daughter is in Jim's class, knew of a store an hour south of us that had the type of cotton fabric I was looking for. She arranged for us to go with the director of KIS' wife, Paula and another teacher, Erin, to go on Saturday.
When Saturday rolled around, I left the apartment a little early so I could get non-instant coffee, so I went to Paris Baguette. These little cafes are EVERYWHERE around here.
The pastry on the left says "chocolate" on the package. The one on the right does not. So I presume that if it doesn't explicitly say chocolate, then it is red bean. I bought the one on the left and it was delicious.

I really like how they interpret how the French dress. All the employees wear barets, but the guy in the picture below takes it one step further and was dressed like a mime. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not.

On our way to Happy Quilt we got stuck in horrible traffic. We got a little lost. But finally, through the rice fiends, there was HAPPY QUILT. The best fabric store in South Korea. (If you have stumbled upon my blog looking for directions to Happy Quilt, I would like to direct you here to another blog with outstanding directions). This store was what my friends at Fancy Tiger in Denver promised me that I would find in South Korea: really cheap, beautiful fabric. And that's what I found. I saw fabrics that I've purchased from both JoAnn's an Fancy Tiger. ALL fabrics were $3 per yard unless they were higher-end, designer fabric, then they were $4 per yard.

I recognize this from home...

 And they have this hideous cat fabric

Dr. Seuss section


They come back and cut it for you (no cutting counter- just measure it with tape measure, cut and rip)

I bought this fabric in lavender last year for a dress I made for Ruby. 


CSU fabric?! But NO CU fabric?!
I went totally crazy. I bought enough supplies for sewing club (for $104) and I bought a stash for myself-tons of fabric for only $150. This store was exactly what I've been looking for. And now that I have my stash of fabric, I can start sewing again.
My top priority was lunch boxes for the kids. Those bento boxes were driving me crazy. So many parts and pieces to keep track of. So I made each kid a lunch bag with their first initial on it. It's kind of hard to see because there's a lot going on. But they're very cute and appear to be very functional (we'll see tomorrow when they go to school)

This afternoon, Amy and I went to emart. Isn't emart always an experience? I mean, how many times have I blogged about emart? Here are a few gems to share:
This was on a pencil case

You can coordinate WITH your bathroom. This is a paisley green toilet seat, matching cup and soap dispenser and, look up at the very top, shower shoes in green paisley too!
 I showed the Moon Walk sauna experience to Amy! Look at the progression of these pictures. She just gets loaded up with relaxing things-I don't even know what to call them.
Put this around your waist

This lady gets it

then you put this on your neck on top of that other thing on top of your shoulders

 After we had our relaxing time with the saunas. We headed down stairs for some groceries. And we saw this bunny, cute but children around him were scared and crying.
mmm cheeze
Sewing, emart, Wicked, what a great weekend!

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  1. Hi! I met you last weekend at Dongdaemun. I want to say thanks again for steering me in the direction of Happy Quilt :)