Sunday, September 23, 2012


Tonight we got a night away and went for dinner with friends in Gangnam! Amy came over to babysit tonight-we're trying a babysitting swap for a while and I babysat for them last week, so we were free for the evening!
We took the Shin Bundong line (the one with the lights in the tunnel). We got on the best train! The promotional train for G Dragon's new album! As you probably know already, G Dragon is from Big
Bang but he is releasing a solo album.This train was special though-we've taken the red line 3 times since taking this picture and we haven't seen pictures of G Dragon since.... We got lucky this time.

The only thing missing was the actual music-if they're going to go this far, shouldn't they play the new album too? Maybe I'll write a letter to the transit authority.

Anyway, it was a direct trip from end to end on the red line and the last stop is in Gangnam. By now, you've heard a lot about Gangnam and seen Psy everywhere. Well, here are some pictures of the real-life Gangnam.

Katie and Bonny
Being in Gangnam felt like being in the city ...or maybe it made Suji (where we live) feel really suburban? Either way it was bright and busy!
We walked for a couple blocks in search of a restaurant and we found one that was not too busy. We wanted to sit on the patio, but they had a special place for us. We couldn't tell if they were hiding us or treating us like VIPs, but we got a room to ourselves.
So fancy-the art at our table was a picture of a naked lady.
 I guess that answers the question-this is definitely the VIP room.

The menu was in Korean, but had English
titles with a *few* pictures. Like this one of "steak" for $28. 
I've been missing Mexican food. I insisted we order the "cheese nacho". This is what we got:
Don't they look good? The chips, covered in maranara sauce and cheese with the sour cream, cheese whiz and maranara dip. Eh, close enough for now.
I ordered the Pizziola pasta. Mmmmm pizza pasta. 
After dinner we went out looking for dessert. As we were walking we saw this candy store. We went in for a minute and noticed a lot of people in the back at some photo booths.

We had to try it. It took some figuring out and some help from the employee who showed us that we started in the wrong booth, but we had great success.This first video is us figuring out and using the photo booth. It kind of leaves out the exciting picture taking part, but I didn't want my phone in every picture.What we're doing here, because I'm not sure you can get this from watching the video, is choosing what kind of background we want in our pictures. We chose one where we're sticking out of back pockets of jeans, one with a butterfly net, one with a bear hugging us and (accidentally) one that says "diet" and has measuring tape going around us.You can see us going through the menu pages and when we choose something it goes to the right side of the screen.

This next video is the editing part. This is the part where you make the pictures really special.

Just wait until the Farley Christmas cards come out!

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