Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chloe's Wedding!

This is a big weekend for me! First of all, we got our ARC cards today! This is our green card-or something, but more importantly it's our ticket to a phone and a car. We were not allowed to get these things without the ARC card.

Our school secretary, Chloe, got married tonight and she invited everyone from school. I was very excited to attend a Korean wedding. I took a lot of pictures, so great ready!

Chloe's wedding was held at this building. This place is only for weddings.
See, these floors are lobby, 3 banquet floors, the chapel, a floor for the bride and the "traditional ceremony" floor. There can be a couple weddings going on simultaniously. 

Here we are, all dressed up and ready for a wedding
The location is in Gangnam
This is Chloe's mom! She is wearing a traditional Korean.... outfit (I can't remember what it's called).
The groom's mom also wore one, but in a different color
At a Korean wedding, as a gift you give cash. There's a table with the guest book and you give your gift with your name on it (if you don't have an envalope, they have them for you) and you get your meal ticket
This is the where the ceremony was held. There was a woman who was kind of MCing it. There was lots of music and lots of singing and, surprisingly, clapping.

The part of the ceremony where we clap for Chloe's parents

Chloe got choked up and hid her face behind her bouquet

Toward the end of the ceremony, some people had roses to give to the couple. They were called out to the back of the hall and were able to walk up and give them the flower
Every time Chloe got choked up, this woman jumped up and gently blotted off her face

Family picture (right after that it was work friends picture!)

Now, let me tell you about the reception! Awesome!
Do you see that flower on that little spoon? That flower is made of frosting and it's attached to a sugar cube-it's for your coffee. How cute is that?

1st course: Lox, little salad, creamy-cheesey stuff. Delicious!

These are on the table. Mmmm. Looks like a variety of cakes, doesn't it? It's not. Those are rice cakes. 

You think it's a brownie? Don't be fooled! It's made out of red bean. 

Reception hall

In case you can't see the head table, you can watch them on TV

2nd course: teeny tiny potato
Wait-what's that? Oh, THIS is the 2nd course. Like an idiot, I'd already started eating my teeny potato before they came around with the most wonderful squash soup I've ever had (to pour over the teeny potato)
Miller eating the 3rd course: A tomoato stuffed with crab
There's crab in there!
Texting during dinner?! I'm just jealous because I don't have my phone yet. I can't wait to text during dinner!

Mark, our kindergarten teacher, sang a song

Yes. the main course.

Miller and Katie enjoying delicious steak. Jamie trying to remember how to say "vegetarian" in Korean. 

there are so many courses I've lost track. SOUP! 

Jamie and Bonny calling themselves "vegetables", but getting the point across that they don't want meat. Two bowls of vegetables were brought out for them
A visit from Chloe!

Coffee and DESSERT-my favorite

Joslyn, Amalia, Lisa

Ricki: See I can text!
Bonny: Neat. I don't have a phone yet

Chloe made this cake. I wonder who gets to eat this one?
After the dinner, most people left. That's how Korean weddings go: you come for a short ceremony, you eat, you leave. Lucky for us, Chloe also had the main floor for a little after party with snacks and more desserts!
Me and Chloe

Bonny and Mark discussing the disappointing yet slight drop in the exchange rate today

 They finally kicked us out. They had us line up outside in 2 lines going from the door of the building to the van that was taking them to their hotel to send them off. We all cheered and they were off (to Hawaii!)
Chloe and her husband.
See this picture? These people all made it home in Gangnam before it started raining cats and dogs.
I was POURING by the time Katie and I got back to her house. It was also too late (I think) to take the subway. I live kind of far from Gangnam, so the first cab made me get back out in the rain. Fortunately the second cab drove me home.
What a great night. Tomorrow I get a phone! And a car!

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