Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday night trip to emart!

Let me fill you in on the Verenna-O'Connors. We met them waaaay back when we were at the job fair in January. Before anything actually started, everyone was in a big room with a bunch of tables preparing for interviews, reading over information about schools, and so on. We found a table and sat down. I told Jim I was going to call home and check on my mom (who, at the time, was snowed-in with our children) and Tara, who we had sat down next to, said "you must be in the same boat as us". I was so relieved to have at least one other couple there with children. We checked in with them throughout the fair and here we are-living 2 buildings away from each other.  They are also from Colorado, so we kept in touch frequently, had them over to Alcott street and arrived in Seoul just a day before they did. We a lot of time here with them. So much, in fact, that a few weeks ago, when I told August to call Tara "Tara" he said, "that not her name. Her name 'Mom'". So there you go.
Now you have some background on who these people are that are always in our pictures and mentioned in the blog.
So Tara and I needed to catch up and decided a late night trip to emart was in order. There's always something to blog about at emart!
Laundry detergent

This is a wall sticker that says, "Spring is like a cat. Such as pollen, scent of beautiful spring mixes in soft fur of cat"

What is this??? Well, I bought some and it tastes like the bottled Starbucks you can get at the grocery

These are cheese sausages.

Here's Jim about to eat one of the cheese sausage sticks.... and they are (surprise) not good. It tastes like meat flavored cheese, but cheese that has the consistency of tofu

Overall, success at emart. I got all of the kids new sneakers that light up and got some baskin robins ice cream (it had been a long day).
One more thing! We finally got a rug! Rugs aren't easy to come by on the Rok (that's new lingo I just learned. The US military refers to Korea as "the rok" as in Republic Of Korea). Jim's colleague was selling this rug for only $5! Look how lovely it makes the apartment look. OK, the picture's not great, but just keep an eye out for it in future photos (like "where's waldo", but "where's my rug")

Oh and Grace has started making up jokes. This is a horrible phase. Her jokes are TERRIBLE. Here's an example:
Hey, have you ever seen an elephant sitting on a fence?
That's the whole joke.
However, she has found a really encouraging fanbase-the 2 year old brother crowd. Move over Sarah Silverman

I'm having some trouble with the video. Stay tuned....although the joke isn't good.

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