Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Typhoon Day, Part II: Afternoon/Evening: Eh

Well, I got all excited over nothing. Just a windy day with a little bit of rain. This afternoon was no different from this morning.
Since the kids were bouncing off the walls Amy and I took them to the LIttle Prince Kid's Cafe.


Jesse is so excited to show August the train

The subway has reserved seats for these people. I consider myself in the final category-but throw a few more kids on that stick-lady

If you look closely, that is NOT Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. I have no idea what that ad is for
 We took the subway two stops, went out the wrong exit  out of the subway and had to cut through the Lotte department store to get to the other side.  Check out the sharp looking info desk ladies.

The information I need? Where to get a hat like that! (Zing!)

Burt's Bees is considered fancy here. I don't get it. It has it's own counter next to Clinique and my fav, Bobbi Brown

Outside the department store. The Men's Hair Shop

 More coffee at the Little Prince Cafe...I'm never going to sleep tonight.

 In order to get the kids to leave the kid's cafe, we bribed them with dinner at McDonald's. This is by far the least efficient McDonald's I have ever been to. The first time we went there, half of the burgers were served without meat. The line is insane and they seem to make the orders as they come in. You might like fresh things, but I prefer things pre-heated and fast, OK? That's the McDonald's way. This time they forgot all the food parts of our order. I collected the drinks as they came out. They piled up food on Amy's tray and that was it. I took my receipt over and they said all the food was on Amy's tray. I showed them that it was not there and we got our food. You'll never guess what I ordered. Especially if you've never been to Korea. I ordered a bulgogi burger. Bulgogi is a sauce with beef or something. I love it at Korean bbq places.
Wondering about those numbers? The large one is the price as in 4700 won (about $4.50) and the one below it is the calories....778

The McDonald's bulgogi burger was very strange. It was a meat-like patty (very unnatural-I've never had a McRibb, but I'm wondering if this is in the same meat class as that) covered in bulgogi sauce. I accidentally ordered a double-for the love of humanity!- and the two patties were stuck together with a piece of cheese. Lettuce and mayo on the top. Regular McDonald's bun. It was great to try it, but I won't order it again and I don't recommend it for you.

 McDonald's delivers-just like every other place. This way you don't have to wait in line for your order of anything other than the bulgogi burger.

After we got home, I still needed to run to the market because we're out of peanut butter and that is a staple in the Farley household. I thought I'd show you a picture of the foregin foods section at the Lotte Super near GMH.

That's right-$15 syrup....Hershey's cocoa....baked beans...Campbell's soup....maraschino cherries...horseradish...

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