Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Typhoon Day, Part I: The Morning: Eh

Well, we're home for Typhoon Day. School was cancelled (in advance!) because of Typhoon Bolaven.
Seoul is somewhere in that picture. But if we didn't know better, we'd say it's just a breezy day. It's still early.
View from our apartment
 The best part about the typhoon day is that I got to virtually go out with some girls back in Denver! Normally we go out about every 2 months or so. And this morning (or as they would say "tonight") they went out for HANNAH'S BIRTHDAY and I was able to join them via google hangout.
I didn't get to eat any of the chips and salsa, but, on the bright side, I didn't have to get out of my pjs
Here I am in Denver
After celebrating with Hannah, Leigh and Steph, I called Amy to see if she wanted to go out for a coffee-like I had to ask! She also has kids our kids age (just not as many). Mia, who is in Ruby's class and Jesse, who is August's best friend.
Our children, enjoying a movie day. Here they are watching 101 Dalmations
We went to a place called Mamagato
Caramel Machiato

The caramel is all in the bottom and you mix it up!

It comes with this little stir stick
Where IS that typhoon?!
As we sat in Mamagato, Amy noticed a sign for a "Book Cafe" across the street. In Korea, stores go all the way up and they place the signs high up on the building where they are located, so you need to look up or you can miss something. The sign for the book cafe was up on the 3rd floor.
We went up to the book cafe, but only found a place with some tables, one shelf of Korean books and this guy.
Look at this lady. Typhoon won't stop her.
We walked back to GMH and I went in through Amy's building and took the underground passage (parking garage) to my building so I didn't have to battle the wind.
 I'll keep you posted about this, but Jim and I aren't sure at this point if the storm is going to just graze us or if it's going to hit Yongin.
One more thing I think I should share today. Last night was Back to School Night. I peeked inside Grace's journal.

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