Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rainy Day Off From Work

Today is Korean Independence day,  Gwangbokjeol.  The same day as VJ day, victory over Japan at the end of World War Two.

So we are off work, three days into the school year, which seemed too early when I looked at the calendar, but yesterday I was tired and happy to have a day to rest. The first days of school have gone well. I will put up pictures of my school soon-they won't be as cute as Irish's pictures- but the start of a school year is always exhausting and by the time I got home last night I felt like I had been doing strenuous physical labor all day.

I thought I might go see a movie today, but then I found out how to buy tickets online and they helpfully show you how many tickets remain.  Turns out the remake of Total Recall is the only English movie playing here right now, and even if I wanted to see it  pretty much every seat before 10 PM was sold out by this morning. So I thought I might just go for a walk, maybe look into buying a TV, and then the sky opened up.

Below is a video showing the weather.  In the video I say that it is raining at least three times, and have Ruby say it once, just so it is clear what the weather is like...

 So, I decided to make pancakes, Irish had bought some mix, but we ran into a small problem with the directions, see below: 

One problem is that the directions are in Korean.  The pictures show me eggs are involved, and either milk or water.  The other problem is the metric system.  I know a few things about the metric system, kilometers per hour are 60% of miles per hour, so if I am going 100 kph then I am going 60 mph.  If I am driving at any other speed than 100kph the math can get trickier and distracting while driving.  Celsius means even less to me.  In my high school chemistry class the teacher told us 21 is a cool number because you can drink when you turn 21, and 21 degrees Celsius is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit which is a nice comfortable temperature.   I know that 0 is freezing, and around 30 is very hot. Anything in between is confusing.  But I have absolutely no idea how to make an accurate guess on milliliters or grams as units of measure, which is what was on the directions. 

So I used the one pot we have as a mixing bowl (since we don't have any mixing bowls) and made a reasonable guess that two eggs would be enough. Milk seems nicer than water so I used and that, and I put enough milk in to make a pancake batter consistency.  And that worked.

We had pancakes in batches of five at a time and everyone was happy. 

Other than that I did not do much on my day off.  Irish had a pleasant experience with neighbors she just met, she posted it on facebook and I'll let her write about it next time she is here.  The girls watched a movie on the computer, August irritated them and they overreacted which I think is what he wanted.  I did some lesson planning, worked on a jigsaw puzzle that is almost finished.  A pleasant boring day and now I am ready for the second half of my week.

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  1. Very creative cooking with challenges of language and metric system! Looks delicious!