Thursday, August 23, 2012

Odds and Ends

 OK, here are some things. They are a bit random, but interesting nonetheless.

First of all, lunchboxes. Here, the options for lunchboxes are limited here-the bento box is basically your only option. I found these at emart. They are also sold at the dollar store, but unfortunately I found them at emart first. You pack the little containers with food for lunch and snacks and then stack them up:

Speaking of Bento boxes. Remember the cheese sausage I got at emart last night? Aparently Ruby didn't like it (I don't blame her) because this was her lunchbox when she got home from school

Last night, as you know, I went to emart. Emart has wallpaper and wall stickers. I don't know what these walls are made of, but all our walls are covered in wallpaper and are very difficult to put nails into, so I can't just hang pictures. Then I came across the wall stickers. I avoided any with almost English phrases.
Here's the before picture of our bedroom. Pretty boring.

 Oooooh, after!
I hope Jim likes it, he's out with people tonight....

Alright. New topic. If you know me from Bonza Bodies then please look away now. I've been riding with my boss, Patrick, to work. During our commute I've learned some things about teaching, school goals, but what he taught me at McDonalds will likely follow me (sadly) forever. I give you what I call "THE PATRICK". Step 1. Order a breakfast sandwich "set" ("set" is Korean for "meal"). Step 2. put the hash brown inside the breakfast sandwich. Wow. Totally blew my mind.

You want ODDs and ends? Here, look at August in this picture. This was back when I was taking pictures for the post about Freemart. Doesn't he look familiar? Where have I seen that before?

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