Monday, August 20, 2012

Monsoon Season is here

I'm not sure if this is the official Monsoon season, but it's been raining since last night and it's been raining all day today. On the way home from school, dinner was discussed and we decided to go to a Korean bbq place across the street from Good Morning Hill, above the LotteSuper grocery store.
Grace with the umbrella

Ruby with her umbrella

August and me sitting at a traditional Korean table (we're sitting on the floor)

Jim wiping his hands with the cold wash cloths they give us before the meal. But who are they kidding? We really need them after the meal.

Here's the grill at the table

August checking out the rainy street

Grace making friends with a Korean couple at another table

This pork is like a really fatty bacon. That's right, bacon for dinner

One of the provided side dishes tonight was cold spaghetti!

We used the call button a LOT tonight...

So much food!

Grace and Ruby trying to balance forks on their noses

Me diving head first into the food

Finally!!! We found a channel with cartoons on the tv. The children were slightly sedated for the remainder of our time there. Frankly, they were getting a little wild. Grace's excuse was that she needed to exercise. Seriously, Grace?
Dinner ended up costing an arm and a leg, we probably won't go out to eat again all month. It's still raining really hard, but I don't mind it-I get to wear my cute rain boots!

As you know, we got a TV this weekend. We've been streaming a website called ustvnow. It streams live from the basic stations (abc, nbc, cbs, wb and fox) AND it streams from Central PA. What's funny is when we got home from dinner we were watching Good Morning America and now we're watching Live with Kelly. And we're totally up to speed about a botched robbery in Middletown, PA and all other local news in Central PA (we've got our eye on you Farleys and Yupcavages).

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