Thursday, August 9, 2012

Miss us?

Have you been bored? It's been 3 whole days since we've posted, and I am sorry. Did you think we gave up? We did not. We would never abandon you! I think we need a new lithium battery for our camera. That's right-another camera down...SO, today's entry will be brought to you with pictures from google images. Why not?
This week has gone by really fast. We've gone to a lot of meetings and trainings.

I've ridden the subway a lot.
Last night we went out to dinner with the Verenna-O'Connor family. We walked to a Korean bbq place right up the road from Good Morning Hill. We've been to a few different Korean bbq restaurants, and this one is slightly different. Let me explain. At Korean bbq places, they barbeque your food at your table
see the grill built in to the table?
They cook the meat on the table and bring tons of side dishes. They refill the side dishes as much as you want. You just ring the bell-I'm not kidding-and the waitress comes over and you (if you don't speak Korea) point to what you would like more of.
The place we went to last night doesn't cook the food with a gas grill at the table, they bring over HOT COALS and drop it into this pit and put a screen over it.
Then they put a screen over it and cook it. It is so hot to eat this way. I don't want to go back until winter....
One more interesting thing about Korean bbq-they cut the meat with scissors. So smart!
Work is going well-the first day of school is Monday (which is Sunday for those of you in North America and who knows where else). We'll put up pictures of our classrooms and schools as soon as we get a new battery and get the camera back up and running!

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