Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday, looking for a couch...

Last night I went to the neighbor's for a small get together. And guess what?! They had the SAME couch and love seat that we have in Denver. You know our sofa? Super comfy, deep, nice to sleep on when you're sick (or any time)? They had it! They explained to me that they bought it at a used furniture place and that those places are kind of hit or miss. Since you've been reading the blog faithfully, you know that I've checked out the used furniture place south of here. Well the one they went to was North, and Tim offered to take me there. We don't really need a new couch, but we got the new tv last week and it would be nice to lounge.
Jim was out playing screen golf (he can talk about that later), so we loaded the Farley's in Tim's car, and Tara and Justin followed behind in their car.
Look at that! A car seat for August!
We drove North-ish for about 20 minutes and came to a neighborhood somewhere close to my school.

We knew where the store was because this sweet couch was sitting out front.
For the most part, the selection on couches was lacking.

I did find this fantastic chair, but it was $150 and I wasn't ready to pay that for a chair right now.
The owner of the shop pulled us over to the counter and showed us that he has a second store (with more couches). He gave Tim directions.
Grace really wanted to buy this exercise machine
We got back in Tim's car and went off to the second store....except that we couldn't find it. Tim is certainly persistent though. We stopped for directions THREE times!
when we stopped in at a real estate office to ask for directions, Sean came over to the car and chatted with the kids

We stopped at a mechanic. Look at the guard puppy!

Then we stopped at a gas station.

We had to have been close. Basically each time we stopped it was described as being on the road that we were on and very close to where we were, but we just never found it.
By the time we got home, I was starving and this flier was taped to our door. I dropped off the kids with Jim (back from 5 hours of screen golf) and went to the dong (neighborhood).

Our Dong

looking the other direction on the same street
I stopped someone on the street and showed him my flier and asked where Good Morning Chicken was. He told me-in English- that it's just delivery. You have to call the number. I have a phone, but I don't speak enough Korean to actually order any food. So I went to the same chicken place we went to last week.
Then, probably because I was too hungry, I stopped at the pizza place so the kids could have pizza and leave my chicken alone.
This is the pizza place we order from, the crust has a green tint to it, so it must be healthy
I stopped at both of these places, paid, wrote my building and apartment number down on a piece of paper and went home. Soon after I got home, our pizza and chicken were delivered.

So delicious. We ate, then settled in around the new tv to watch more Kpop videos. We're trying to educate ourselves on something other than just Psy.
This is 2NE1 on our tv (nice quality for the generic emart tv)

Here's the video for you to enjoy in it's entirety.

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