Friday, August 3, 2012

Journey to the Center of the Earth: My commute home

Normally, I commute with my boss since he lives in my town, Yongin, and drives to our school which is in Gangnam (remember? Gangnam style!) but today he had to work late, so I commuted home alone.
My commute starts on this elevator 
I walk down this lovely driveway. 

I recognize this from Google street view. If you type  in the  address of the school, this is what you'll see. This is a tin shack. It looks like people live there. It has 2 satellite dishes on the roof

This is the entrance to the subway. Prepare yourself to see a lot of stairs
I need to go toward Suseo (but realized it a little later)
down again
check in with my T Money card (I'll scan it again when I get off and I'll only get charged for the distance I rode-it works the same way on the bus too)
down some more
down yet another
Now I am in the pit of the earth, probably below the crust and into the mantle. I've nearly made it all the way back to America. But wait. The sign in front of me doesn't look right and the sign on the other side does.
Back up the chairs to consult the subway map (I can't WAIT to get a phone, it will have a subway app on it)
Look at me! I'm a sweaty mess!
back down to the correct side
I have a seat and cool myself with this fan I got at the Diaso store (dollar store) for 1,000 won ($1)
Here's my train
Friday afternoon commuters 
check out with my T money card.
Take exit 7 out of the Miagum station (different exits will spit you out on different sides of very busy streets)
Back up the stairs

This Skin Food store is right at the exit. The name is so weird. But I've heard they have awesome products...but not today. I have a bus to catch!
I caught the 17 home and in less than 10 minutes I'm dropped off here-right in front of my apartment
What a commute. I think I burned off the soy latte I had at lunch time with all those stairs.

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  1. I am exhausted just viewing this. Whew!

    But the fan is cool.