Monday, August 6, 2012

It's Monday

Hey friends. I'm worried these blogs are about to get boring-you know, we went to work, came home, went to bed...repeat. I'll keep things interesting for you though. Or shall I say, Korea will keep things interesting for you. Example: this guy on the subway. He got on and started his pitch as the train was rolling along. I'm not sure what he was selling. It came in a toothpaste-like tube (maybe it was toothpaste) and it was 2,000 won ($2).
His audience isn't even paying attention

Check it out. When we went to Coex mall a few weeks ago, I was asked to take a survey. It was in English and it was about why I like to buy Korean products. It was multiple choice and even though I didn't try very hard, I still got this sweet gift for doing it!
Here's the English part: Skin Repairing Snail Skin Re-generation. Eco Pure Pulp Mask Sheet. (below): Elishacoy [the brand] is which can cause irritation to the skin to minimize the chemical composition of vegetable ingredients to the skin a valid prescription for the skin, optimized for "natural cosmetics". (so close to making sense)

I put the sheet on my face

Then scared the shit out of everyone in the apartment
 My review is that it did feel refreshing on my face and when I wiped my face off on a towel after, I  noticed a lot of makeup on the towel, even though I had washed my face prior to using the snail mask. So I say thumbs up. I think.

Now readers, I need a favor have a challenge for you! Check out these awesome bookshelves I got at the used furniture store. They were just delivered today (for free!). Look how empty they are.
I'm looking for some knick-knacky, decorative things to put on it. Emart doesn't have much. I did buy somethings when we went shopping at Insadong, and there's a package coming soon from Bridget Farley, but I think it would be even more fun to have a collection of things from all of you. What do you think, will you send us something for the bookshelf? If you do, I'll give you credit on the blog, which is read by millions lots of people everyday often.

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