Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's here: The hum-drum everyday normal kind of day

Oh boy. I thought this day would never come-we're in Korea for Pete's sake! Let me just walk you through it. The boss picked me up in the rain at 7am and we headed to Gangnam. At the start of the day, we had an assembly!
This is the WHOLE school. All 81 kids

All the new kids stood up

Our principal/my driver, Mr. Rich, showing the kids how to do a "seal clap"

Mr. Rich showing the kids how to do a "fireworks clap" (part 1)

Fireworks clap part 2

Mr. Rich and Elmo leading the assembly
 The morning was pretty calm, lunch was delicious-pork, rice, salad and dried radish kimchi (but this kimchi tasted like Mexican food!).

After work, I joined some of the staff for Insanity!

I got home, ate a dinner and picked up the house while Jim took the kids to the playground. It is recycling day today and it was POURING down rain when I went to separate the trash. I was soaked.
See? Pretty boring. BUT, to keep things interesting, I would like you to watch this Psy video (it gets really good after 1:29). I love this guy!

Keep reading. There can't be too many more plain days around here. After all, we're in KOREA!

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