Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good Morning Hill Thursday Night Market

Today would have such a good addition to the blog-it was an eventful day, but Jim thought I had the camera, and I thought he had the camera and it turned out that neither of us had the camera. Boo.
We had an efficient morning. We started with a massive trip to the bank, where we opened accounts. When I cashed out some money, the teller just pulled out a little box, unlocked it and it was filled with cash. When I gave her my US dollars, she just tucked them in a drawer. This isn't some mom-and-pop, George Bailey bank-it's a national bank. So we all got our accounts open (2 for everyone-one in US dollars and one in Korean Won).
Then we returned to school for the physical. Here's what we got done:
height and weight (Jim was told "you are tall, and should exercise")
Color blindness
blood pressure
hearing check
eye check
blood test (nearly everyone got pricked at least twice. I got stuck 3 times. From what I could tell we were the first human practice these nurses had. I think just last week they were still using oranges)
then we ate donuts

I have a great little video of me getting my height checked, but I have to wait for the video to be emailed (remember, I didn't have my camera today).

After work, we headed to the Good morning Hill Thursday night market!
Seoul has tons of night markets. We haven't been to one yet, but from what I've read, they're awesome. We're in Yongin-the suburbs, but Good Morning Hill doesn't disappoint -they bring a market here. The market is held every Thursday night, but most of the venders are pretty finicky about the conditions. A couple weeks ago it rained heavily in the morning and only one vender showed up that evening...tonight hardly anyone is out there, but either way, last Thursday didn't disappoint. We went downstairs and out to the main street inside Good Morning Hill and picked out dinner. Jim got a huge bowl of spicy soup, the kids got tofu dogs (like corn dogs, but wrapped in tofu, not whatever corn dogs are wrapped in) and I got something that tasted exactly like sesame chicken. Delicious!
varieties of puffed rice snacks


Jim's spicy soup
tofu dogs


"pisser clams" (they spit water)

sting ray? I don't really know what this is

grains of some sort

Ruby eating a tofu dog and August eating meat on a stick
Making my sesame chicken!
soccer in the courtyard

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  1. Such awesome pics....I am so envious of our adventure!!L