Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Alright, I'm a little apprehensive to tell you about FreeMart. Let me give you some background first. Emart is a store in Korea, FreeMart not a store, but rather is a play on words presumably invented by someone at KIS who lived in Good Morning Hill.

Since you have read our blog faithfully, then you know Koreans are very into recycling. However, they don't seem to recycle furniture (i.e. craigslist). To be honest, I don't know where it goes. But I was told-by several different sources-that FreeMart items are up for grabs. Let me paint a picture. Good Morning Hill has several areas for trash central to several buildings. Well, if someone wants to get rid of a couch or other large item, they get a ticket and place their item in the trash area for pickup. By who? I have no idea. This is what KIS people refer to as "FreeMart". I was told by a few different people, that anyone can just take those items. So I have!

I don't love admitting to glorified dumpster diving. But look at the things we've gotten so far:

a big comfy chair

This plant. (even if the plant dies, check out the pot!)

A nightstand we use as an end table. This was NOT empty when I took it. It was filled mostly with socks, but Ruby and Grace really liked the purse and sunglasses that were in it. I threw all the other stuff away, obviously.

Little table. It was pretty damaged, so I attached some trays to the top so it's stylish and functional

Our best find yet: this awesome bookcase.
I just told our neighbor about a couch I saw in FreeMart tonight on my way home from the 990won dry cleaners (with free delivery!). I hope she got to it early because it's raining now, and once it rains, the FreeMart stuff turns into plain, boring trash.


  1. I loved We Need to Talk about Kevin.

    1. It's the only novel we have in the apartment. I'm about 1/4 of the way through...heavy