Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First class, baby! (Orientation day/ furniture delivery!)

Today was our first day of work. We got picked up in the sweetest bus imaginable. Check it out:
This is the school bus

First Class all the way!

look at that tv!
 We rode to school first class, got a first class breakfast and then had a first class orientation. Let me show you what I mean! Here are pictures of Jim's school (also where the kids will be going):


Just one of a couple gyms

climbing wall

The school has a Mac help desk and retailer inside
Speaking of Macs...
Look what I got!!! (Jim got one too)
I'm writing this very entry on my new macbook Pro! and look at this option:
an English and Korean Keyboard
I was going to type something in Korean for you, but I can't figure out how to use that function yet. Maybe next time.

One more thing that made us feel super special today-we got some new furniture. I hasseled the Seoul and Pangyo Faculty Support Teams to let me know where I could buy used furniture. In KIS style, they didn't just tell me where the store was, rather Reeon picked me up in a nice KIS bus (but smaller than the one pictured) and drove me.
look at all this furniture

Chairs for a king and queen? I think so. The aesthetic isn't usually what I go for, but when in Korea, do as the Koreans do. I'm separating all my trash and I'm buying 2 of these chairs!
And do you know what's included? I bet you guessed delivery. And you would be right. They brought the chairs over and set them up where we wanted.
Free delivery!
King and queen chairs turn our sunroom into a room-room

While I was at the store I also got this cute toddler bed for August. Sure beats sleeping on the subway.
Want to visit the used furniture store? Here's a map showing you how to get there from GoodMorning Hill (note, this map is a little funky. If it's not working for you, try zooming out, then scrolling down and so on):

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