Friday, August 17, 2012

Date night!

We've had a lot of family together time, Jim and I needed to get out. We contacted the Drakes-twin sisters at the KIS high school. Shea came over and when she got here we ran for the door. Jim and I took the bus to the subway and took the subway one stop to Jeongja. We were headed to a restaurant less than one block from the station. This restaurant came highly recommended from my boss after I said I really needed American food tonight. On our way home from work, he drove me by the building, walked me to the entrance and told me it was on the top floor. Well, when Jim and I took the elevator to the top later, we discovered the restaurant is no longer there.

We were getting hungry. For American food.

There was the one time we went to CoEx mall and saw a.....
What's more American than an American restaurant that folded in America after the collapse of the American economy?!
We got back on the subway-which was extremely crowded (Friday night-everyone's headed home for the weekend).
When we got to Bennigans we were SO hungry, but there was a 40 minute wait. We really wanted American food and didn't know where the nearest TGI Fridays was (I'm so sad to say I'm serious about this because other than McDonald's that seems to be the American chain restaurant here), so we waited in the Bennigan's waiting room where they had stacks of fashion magazines to read. And by "read" I mean look at the pictures since all the words were Korean.

So hungry

 Menu some names of foods were in English. The pictures helped.

These were amazing. Idaho cheese fries

The Monte Cristo! I managed to undo not only the 2 "Insanity" workouts I did this last week but undid any future success at "Insanity" for the upcoming week as well.

Jim got the fajitas. The nice thing about ordering in Korea is you don't have to worry about how you pronounce the word Fajitas. No one spoke English or Spanish, so we just pointed to the pictures on the menu

Hitting the wall


Where is the Bennigan's bathroom? Sure-you just go back outside, turn at the KFC, walk down the hall next to the subway entrance and turn right. It's right there.

After dinner we walked across the walkway to Cold Stone!
Sufficiently stuffed, we got back on the subway to Jeongja to catch a taxi home.
On our way home, we saw these saftey measures in the subway. They are gas masks. Yikes

When we got home the kids were in bed, the dishes were clean and babysitter Shea had done the very end boring part of the puzzle (but she left the last 3 pieces for Jim to do).

As promised, I'm featuring gifts for the bookcase! Our first decrotaive pieces arrived from BRIDGET, CONOR AND BEN FARLEY FROM DENVER, COLORADO!
Look how much better the bookcase looks now! Thanks!

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