Monday, August 13, 2012


I can't believe it. Honestly, it's the girls' first day of kindergarten. And it's in Korea!

Ruby and her teacher, Miss Rance
Grace and her teacher, Miss Williams

All the elementary kids lined up waiting for teachers (normally they will play on the playground, but it was raining this morning)

Ruby, taking it all in

Grace-calm before the storm...
 Grace did "freak out" (her words). But as soon as the principal said, "it's ok, she'll be fine, go" I booked it out of there.
The reports from the girls were excellent. They said kindergarten is tons of fun. Ruby says her favorite part of today was the "silly song" Miss Rance sang. Something about the days of the week that involve the phrase "cha-cha-cha!" Grace's favorite part of the day was playing on the playground. She said the see-saw goes "SO HIGH!"
They are going back tomorrow!
They weren't the only one's who started the school year today. I know this might not fit here. And for those only interested in the girls first day (grandma) you can stop reading now. Because this is the part where I show pictures of my school. KIS-Seoul. Here are some pictures of the school:

Music, taught by Ms. Bonny Wooten!

My hallway

My room

Teacher resource room/the other half of my room


World's most adorable bathroom
In the morning, a few classes came and visited on a tour. I tried the new jump feature on the camera with 1st grade....
Then the cartoon/make kids laugh feature
Then Mr. Yu's kindergarten class came through-and they were a tough crowd.
They look confused rather than delighted. Not amused at all...
I won't be discouraged. I joined Mr. Yu's class for lunch-I'm determined to make them like me!
Speaking of lunch. It's free at my campus. But it's pretty Korean. The first day it was squid, which is just not for me. Today it was pretty good. The girl sitting next to me had seaweed on her plate:
 This was my lunch. The fish fillets (more breading than actual fish) tasted pretty good. And look at that-tartar sauce! (this week seems a little less Korean than last week) I ate my whole lunch!
 Here's  part of the lunch room. This week we're all eating with the kids. They were good company.
After lunch, little kids (and those of us with duty) went to the rooftop playground. But BEFORE you walk out onto the squishy, padded rooftop flooring, you have to take off your heels. Unfortunately this door was propped open when I walked outside, so the sign was hidden. It became clear quickly that these shoes don't work on the flooring though.

For those of us with awesome heels, they have slippers on hand to switch in to:
Now that my feet are figured out, check out the playground!

What a great first day!


  1. Love this! The fish sticks were so good! I loved the soup too. And I asked one of the ladies to give me seaweed!

    1. Wow! I am nervous about starting a new school on Monday right here in the USA! You are a brave woman!