Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Saturday!

What a busy day! Our Saturday started with a birthday party for Grace's classmate, Kennedy. The party was at a place called The Little Prince Kid's Cafe. We took the subway to Sueso (I think) and were told that it was on the 3rd floor of a building with a Hanah Bank on the 1st floor (the same bank Jim opened his bank account at) and a Juno Hair on the 2nd floor. We walked one block and saw the building with a Hanah bank and a Juno hair above it. Jim said that that particular building was not where he opened his account, but it had the Juno Hair right above it....then he looked at the directions that said we needed to cross over 2 streets. We decided to keep walking and see if there was another Hanah bank with a Juno Hair on the 2nd floor. And guess what? There was. Just 2 blocks away! This building, however, had a sign for the Little Prince cafe-we had found it!
The concept for the kid's cafe is brilliant. It's like McDonald's playland but huge. So for $7 your kid can play while the adult sits and drinks coffee undisturbed

Magazines for the parents to read
Place for the parents to sit
Where are my kids? Oh, I'll just look on one of the CCTV monitors next to the table to see!

If that wasn't exciting enough, we decided to go to emart in the afternoon and finally buy a TV!

Amy, talking with the woman who works at the Rosetta Stone counter at emart (the Rosetta Stone saleslady lived in Texas for 15 years so she's my go-to lady when I need help at emart)

Here it is. 42" generic TV
Most places deliver your tv and set it up in English, but because this was a generic tv, it didn't come with delivery. But the emart guy was very nice and set the settings to English before we left the store

We called for 2 cabs. Because there were 4 adults, 4 kids and 2 tvs.

The cab drivers ended up putting both tvs in the trunk. Sticking out. Not tied down.
Getting the tvs took all afternoon. I was exhausted. The kids were exhausted, my childless friends Bonny and Katie, who came with us to emart, were exhausted. But there was no time to be tired-we had plans to meet up with some people to see the movie Step Up 4. We dumped the kids and the tv off at home with Jim and went back out.
Here we are in the subway. Jeju air is doing a promotion right now with the Kpop band nameIcan'trememberrightnow. Here they are pictured on a faux airplane that covers a moving walkway in the subway. Here are Katie and me in front of the fake airplane
Step Up 4 was playing at CoEx mall, and we stopped in at a store before getting to the movie. I spotted this Little Mermaid puzzle. On her leg it says "Great Legs are a dream that can come true".
Here's the movie theater

You can choose from butter popcorn, cheese popcorn, caramel popcorn or a half and half combination

Look how cute-men's room has a picture of Charlie Chaplin and women's has Marilyn Monroe.
I don't want to give anything away for Step Up 4, but it just might be a contender for a Razzie.

Well, here are reviews of the movie that were translated from Korean to English in google Chrome...

"One person close to the performance on the show was the movie. Dance than the story! Prayer, but was also excited that bore."

"Depending on the time and place, and to express a message popeomeonseu, dance performances .. Good!"

"Really funny! Make releases the stress!"

"Movies are worth seeing."

"The eye candy is the distance"


  1. I like the option of popcorn. Which would you like to die from? Artery explosion or diabetic coma? Now that's living.

  2. Movies really ARE worth seeing!