Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to Itaewon to check out the book store

I have heard a lot about What the Book, an English book store with new and used books. We didn't have any plans today (well, Jim had to do some work) but the kids and I didn't have any plans, so the girls and I went out!
Look what we found outside of Miegum station! Miegum is the station right up the road. How do they know about Denver?!
 Right after seeing this sweatshirt, the strap on Grace's dress broke. Just as we were passing a table selling sewing supplies.  What kind of Jedi mind trick was this guy up to?
Perfect fix-it kit for 1,000won. I sewed up Grace's dress on the subway
We took the subway to get to Iteawon again. There's a bus that will get us there in about 25 minutes, but I haven't figured that out yet. So in the mean time, we take the subway. We take a total of 4 trains there and 4 trains back and it takes about an hour each way. But hey, when you want to go to a bookstore, you do what you can to get there, right? And again, when I stopped to read a subway map to make sure we were getting on the right train, another very friendly, bi-lingual Korean woman stopped and asked me if I needed any help. Koreans are seriously nice people.

Here's What the Book. I ended up getting a few books for me, a few for Jim and a few for the kids. I found the Fall Fashion issue of InStyle!
We were hungry and thristy and hot so we ended up at the same cafe we went to last time and ate almost the same food (but this time I had a grilled ham, cheese and egg sandwich).
Here's what Itaewon looks like

Above is an information guy. These information people are everywhere in Itaewon. This guy was able to tell me where I could find Etude House (makeup store pronounced Eh-too-duh House).

After our brief trip to Etude House (I hope you're pronouncing it correctly in your head as you're reading this), we went back to the subway. This station (I can't remember which one it is) has an entrance for little kids. Kids 6 and under ride the subway for free. I haven't figured out how to get them a card for this (I think we need our alien registration number first) so I usually cram them in the turn thingy with me, with moderate success. 

At the Jeonga Station, there is a Daiso (dollar store)! I stocked up on Typhoon-readiness supplies.
 I got flashlights, batteries, candles and a lighter.

Every other Sunday, the larger chain stores close. This is (from what I've heard) a regulation from the government so that there is more foot traffic for the smaller mom and pop grocery stores. So today emart and Costco were closed, and I think Homeplus might have been too. I didn't get a chance to go yesterday, so I had to get supplies at the Diaso and at the small grocery across from GMH (but they deliver!). Anyway, I was there, waiting in line to check out and guess who walked in?! Joseph! Remember Joseph and his wife drove to Kim's Club a few weeks ago just to pick me up because it was raining and they were worried about me on the bus? I was so happy to see him. I asked for his email address. He gave me his business card and said he was headed back in to work-this was at about 8:30pm. I was reading his business card on the way home. Now, I don't want to breach any security, but his business card said "Office of the President, Republic of Korea" at the top. I'm thinking Joseph is a good guy to know-he'll pick you up in the rain, he works for the president...

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