Saturday, July 28, 2012

What I've been waiting for: DONGDAEMUN FABRIC MARKET

Before we moved to Korea, I looked up where to buy fabric and found youtube videos of this place. I couldn't wait to check it out. I decided today would be a great day to go. Jim kept August and I took the girls. I studied the subway map and wrote down every stop along the way and where we would transfer.
Seoul Subway Map. Piece of cake!

This is the list of stops we would pass
We took 3 different subway trains to get there. It took just under 2 hours. The girls were a huge hit on every train, and did indeed get candy on each leg of the trip.
One person even asked to take their picture.

Ruby, totally ready for her close up
The subway was packed but the Seoul subways are SO user friendly. The subway lines are numbered and colored and all the signs are in Korean and English. We made each transfer successfully and made it to our destination.

see the picture of the cartoon train? That shows you how far the train is from the stop

I asked that guy on the left if he spoke English and he laughed and said, "A little. But I am sorry, I am drunk"
across the street from the fabric market
OK, let's get to it. The Dongdaemun fabric market. It was a little tricky for me to find because there are huge "Markets" on every corner. I knew not to go the one for clothes, so we crossed the street and ended up in a market selling all kinds of socks, pjs, etc. I knew I was close but not at the right place, so when I saw a white guy with a Greenbay Packers shirt I stopped him and his Korean companion got directions for me. We were close-in fact the Dongdaemun is on the same corner as the subway exit (the building behind the construction for the JW Mariott). We entered on the first floor. There are 4 floors and 4 buildings and on each floor there are little stall-like things with different vendors. Most fabrics are grouped together. For example, when I asked were jersey fabric was I was told to go to building D on the 2nd floor.
The long and short of all of this is that it was too much for me. It was totally overwhelming and I left without buying anything. I'm so glad I went and I will definitely will go back, but for today the adventure was enough.
sewing supplies
Look at this lace-ish stuff $4 per yard
they're making these bows right here
see what I mean by overwhelming?
this store had only polka-dotted fabric
just one of several lace stores
And the craziness continues OUTSIDE!
And a video of buttons
After all that, the girls wanted to take a minute to check out the river, but mostly they wanted to go home. I was definietely on board with that.
across the street from the fabric market
This woman couldn't help but upgrade Ruby from standing to a lap seat

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