Thursday, July 26, 2012

Seoul Zoo

The girls and I went to the zoo today. Turns out traveling without August is way easier. Or maybe it's Irish who is slowing us down.  Either way, when it was just me Grace and Ruby we were pretty efficient. Bus to the train, three trains, two connections and 90 minutes later we were at Seoul Grand Park.

Below is a look at a subway station, with Ruby explaining what the music means.

Getting off the last train we came up the stairs to a completely rural landscape, no evidence of the city at all, hills all around, really very pretty. On the short walk from the subway station to the zoo we got a bag of donuts for a little less than a dollar.  Donuts are surprisingly popular in Korea, it's possible I've already mentioned that but it's worth repeating. There are donuts everywhere. After buying the donuts from an old lady we came up to another Dunkin Donuts.  Squid and donuts, I've had an incredible number of opportunities to eat squid and donuts recently. 

At the gate we bought tickets for a tram ride up to the zoo, not too much, 1800 won, so less than two dollars for the three of us.  Then for admission to the zoo the girls were free! And it was only 3000 won for me, less than three dollars. An amazing deal.

Walking in the zoo was nearly empty.  In part it was middle of the day on a weekday, and it was incredibly hot, but still it was strange to have the place largely to ourselves.  It's a huge zoo, too big really, each sign showed where the next animals were, and the distance, which would be 200 or 300 meters at least.  It looked like the animals had a lot of room which is nice, but I wasn't ready to walk three football fields just to get to the next exhibit. So we probably only saw a quarter of the place or less.

There were flamingos near the entrance.  The girls thought they heard a fart, which led to a discussion of animal farts.  They agreed that animals fart just like people, except for cows, Ruby said "cows fart milk"  They both thought that was very funny, I did too.

After the flamingos we saw some giraffes, and then apes/monkeys. We were alone in the building that houses the apes, a lot of them were inside resting away from the heat. Here is a baby monkey checking out Grace.

Below Grace points out that a baby orangutan has a butt like a person. Which is true, and not nearly as gross as the bright baboon butt we had just seen.

After the apes we were getting tired, so we circled back, saw some elephants, hippos, and then got lunch.  I had noodles, which included squid.  The girls had pork and rice. Kimchi was available self serve, as much kimchi as you wanted.

When we finished lunch it was time to go. We took the tram back, passed Seoul Land, a theme park next to the zoo, the recorded announcement on the tram said "Seoul Land- where dreams and happiness are fulfilled"  So obviously I am going to have to get back there sometime. 

On the walk back to the subway we got ice cream cones from another vendor, and repeated the long trip back three trains, two connections, the 17 bus back to Good Morning Hill.
G n R on the 17 bus.

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  1. These blogs are wonderful, Irish and Jim! Your mom, Aunt Renee, and I were discussing yesterday at lunch how much we enjoy reading them and sharing your adventure!