Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seoul Costco

Ah Costco. You know how crazy it is on Saturday? Well it's even more crowded here on a Monday morning. We had gone to Costco here once before-on a Saturday afternoon-and it was literally the craziest shopping experience of my life. I was going to blog about it, just for you, but we didn't have a proper camera at the time and Jim's phone deleted all my pictures. And words cannot describe this.
It's shoulder to shoulder packed. There are so many familiar products there. The dresses the girls own are for sale there too (and just a few bucks more than at home). But in some ways it's like the worlds largest American import store. I got products such as Kirkland brand American cheese slices, Skippy peanut butter (2 huge jars for $20) and yoplait yogurt. The American products are more expensive, but seriously people, I am an American after all and I need peanut butter.
Hey! Jan Yupcavage! I found all the crocs! They're at the Costco in Seoul.

Traffic Jam in the shoe aisle

Enjoy your cheap Burt's Bees, America! It's $34 for these 2 little jars here

Grace and Ruby think we should get this 3D tv

Stuff is upstairs, food is downstairs

Grace saw this picture and said "is that from the aquarium?!" No. Costco

How many of them are also buying peanut butter?

Feels like home...

And ...this also feels like home...

Check out
 We decided to eat lunch at the food court. This is one of the better deals in Seoul. Well, if you like junk food, and I do, so it works well. The girls got the "hot dog set" (hot dog and a drink) and I got the chicken bake. The first time we went, Jim and I split a chicken pot pie and it was so good! The food court is totally packed and the first thing you do is park your cart, with all your paid goods, near the entrance of the food court.
 After you park your cart and order, you just jam yourself into any table you can find. We ate with strangers the first time, no one seems to mind, I think people are just happy to have a seat. I was.

The school schedules trips for us every month or two weeks or so. It's described as a "quick in and out". I have a hard time seeing how that will work. Shopping at this Costco is more of an endurance sport.

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