Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seoul and back without getting lost!

We decided to head into Seoul and check out the CoEx mall. We had heard it was a mall with an aquarium. I was a little surprised that our kids were excited to go to an aquarium considering everywhere we go has tanks full of exotic fish on the sidewalk (seriously, you know how there's one octopus at the Denver aquarium? Yesterday we passed a restaurant with a tank full of them!). We got together with our new best buds, Tara, Justin, Sean and Evan and took the 17 to the Migum station and we took the subway (where a stranger gave all of us candy) to the end.
napping on the subway
We rode the yellow line to the end and transferred trains.
 We took the next subway just one stop and at the top of the stairs was the entrance to the CoEx Mall! We made it-in only one try!
First things first at the mall-borrowing a stroller for free
August is too good for walking
The cooling station. Chairs set up in front of fans blowing air over bowls of ice...even though the mall is air conditioned
After getting the stroller and walking around for a bit, we decided to stop for lunch. We went to Krazy Burger and the food was great! Look how excited I was to eat a burger:

After lunch, we sent the girls with the Verenna-O'Connors to the aquarium and Jim and I took August for ice cream at McDonald's.
It the best deal is Seoul-a cone is only 50 cents!
The aquarium!
You separate your trash everywhere-even at the CoEx mall
We bought a firetruck for August and a couple of books, got everyone and headed back to the subway to go home. When we got off the 17 back in front of Good Morning Hill and we saw the chicken guy! Well, we think it's chicken.

We got two chickens for $10. We we got home we dumped the kids into the tub and then immediately into bed. Another day in the books.

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