Thursday, July 19, 2012

Out and About on Thurday

We woke up to pouring down rain and a lovely breeze. Ruby wanted to go for a walk. Just the two of us. I got our umbrella, we put on our rain boots and we went to see what we could see.

We found a cafe and ordered a toffee nut latte, apple juice and a bagel to go.

On our way home we bought some plums and grape tomatoes at the market.

At lunch time we met up with other KIS newbies from Colorado, Tara, Justin and their kids. And we were led by 2 KIS alums, JP and Malea, who showed us the basics of public transportation. We took the 17 bus to who-knows-where and we got on the subway.
look at me! So cosmopolitan!

Our children, literally taking candy from a stranger
We only took the subway to the next stop, got up and out and walked a few blocks to lunch. JP ordered for all of us and the food was GREAT! The kids tried all of it (liked some of the food, didn't like some of it) and August seemed to really like the Kimchi.


After lunch, we split off and we went with the Verenna-O'Connor's to the grocery store. We took the subway back one stop. We crossed the street, went down between some buildings and found Kim's Club. Kim's club does free delivery with a minimum purchase of $50. Easy! Load it up! Kim's Club is like Costco on a Saturday. There were samples everywhere. We had a pretty successful trip. This week we're going to have salmon with sweet potatoes, tofu fried in egg and spaghetti. Now, I'll admit I may not have thought the delivery all the way through. For example, when the asked me my phone number-that is information I don't know. Our address? Don't know it. I mean, we have a card that we can hand to a taxi driver that will get us home, but it's not specific enough for a delivery of groceries. So after all that, we boxed it up and bussed it home. But now we know for next time!
That is ONE avocado for $6.90 next to a $12 mango

Jim boxing up our take home on the bus :(

By the way, this isn't even Seoul. This is the suburbs.

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  1. I won't buy an avocado if it's over $1. I'd never survive in Korea.