Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Found the LotteMart!

Remember the other day when the bus driver tried to help us find our destination, but didn't speak any English so we finally agreed that it was the Outback Steakhouse that we had been looking for (Even though it was the LotteMart with a TGI Fridays that we were looking for)? Well we finally found it, but not without some trial and error.
We all got an early start this morning and wanted to check out the dollar store. Jim and I had passed it the other day when we were trying to get to the LotteMart the first time. We took the bus and took it to Suji-ro, where there are lots of shops and construction (they're extending the subway).
It could happen

McDonald's delivers?! I can't imagine the number of diet cokes I would have had last year if they delivered to my school.
We walk less than one block from the bus stop to the dollar store. Victory! Wait, what's that? You what, now? Open at 3? Am I missing something in the translation? Oh today at 3:30, of course. Doesn't everyone take the middle of the day in the middle of the week to do inventory and stocking?
So sad, they were totally serious-the store was closed.
the dollar store. Taunting us with it's flip-flops and cheap toilet brushes
That didn't crush our spirits. We set out to finally find LotteMart. We headed in the general direction that we thought the store was in and we found it right away!
I didn't know what was in store for us, but it looked so inviting from the street. We were there at 9:30, and the store opens at 10. Lucky for us, LotteMart anticipated our needs and had a playground.
The doors opened at 9:45, but we basically congregated in the front of the store near a small section of sales items and some baked goods. At 10:00 sharp they let us in (all employees were in the aisles clapping). We decided that we would go to the top and work our way down. Guess what? There's not a lot to LotteMart. It's strange because the building is huge, but the 3rd and 4th floor don't really have anything on them.
If Emart is the Walmart of Korea, I think LotteMart is the Kmart. We got a few things from the Toys R Us section of the store.
play area in the Toys R Us of LotteMart. The store was UN-AIR CONDITIONED though, which makes me want to never go there again.

I feel that all of you needed to see a few things I saw in the ladies room.
In case you were wondering where there was a urinal in the ladies room for your son, just follow this sign
A sound machine. I wouldn't have pressed this button (because doesn't it look like it notifies someone that you need help?) but I backed into it when I was shutting the stall door. It makes a flushing sound followed by running water
Before leaving we got lunch at the LotteMart food court (skipping the beloved TGI Fridays for today...). 

Anyway here's how the food court works both here and at Emart. There is a glass case with a plastic replica of all the different options (think dessert tray at a restaurant). You choose the number you want and pay, then the cashier notify the restaurant of your order and when it's ready, your number comes up. When you are done with your meal you take the tray and all the dishes back to the restaurant.
The food today was great. We had some breaded pork (something like Panko breadcrumbs but bigger), soup, rice and dumplings. 
When we got home we all fell hard asleep for 2 hours. I can't tell if it's still a little jetlag or the heat or both.
When I woke up, I went to Kim's Club (the grocery) and did my grocery shopping. I took the perishables home with me on the bus and they delivered the rest-for free! (speaking of, we have got to learn how to ring someone up to our apartment).


  1. I'm loving your adventures and finding your way around! Great that you have this time to explore before school starts! By then you'll be old hands!

  2. Sounds like you're getting to know your way around. Soon you'll be telling even know-it-all taxi drivers how to get places!