Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to church. and a Kpop music video.

One week later and I tried again to go to mass at Myeongdong Cathedral. I took the same bus, the M4101, got off one stop before where I got lost last week, and this time after a two minute walk I was at the cathedral! I'm starting to feel better about getting around Seoul.  We are looking into getting a car.  Between car, bus and subway we should be able to get anywhere we need to.

Without having to wander around lost I was a little early so I got coffee at a Starbucks across the street, read my book, and then walked up to a 9:00 mass.  There were a lot of people there,even though this was the English mass more than 80% of the people were Korean.  In contrast when I went to mass years ago in Taiwan it was almost entirely Filipino workers, with a few Westerners.

The priest was from Ireland and he ran a good efficient mass.  Even that early the humidity was killing me and wearing long pants I was sweating more than I liked. So I didn't mind that we were done in 45 minutes.  When the collection was taken I quickly grabbed what was in my pocket , put it in the basket and then had a small moment of panic.  I have been carrying  10000 won and 1000 won, just under $10 and $1 respectively. As you can see below they are different colors and the 1000 won is a little smaller. Compared to US currency they are pretty easy to distinguish, but I have still more than once paid for 30000 worth of groceries with 3000 won and had the clerk stare at me waiting for the rest.  So this morning I put three or four 1000 won notes in the basket, and then paused, afraid I had just given $30- $40 instead of $3-$4.  Obviously I couldn't reach in and grab money back.  When I counted the money in my wallet later I didn't seem to be short, but I need to be careful.  It's been a long time since I've used cash this often.

With mass over I walked back, found the bus easily and 25 minutes later I was back at Good Morning Hill. 

One last thing, completely unrelated. On the bus both ways there was a music video playing.  I've been seeing the same video on TV,and then just came across it again online tonight. I'm not sure how familiar people are with Korean pop music,  KPop,  but this is an example of it.  The song is called Gangnam Style.  Gangnam happens to be the district in Seoul where Irish will be teaching. The video cracks me up, and the song is fun, so enjoy.


  1. Great blog! What a beautiful - and big! cathedral. Glad you found your way to Mass. Interesting that an Irish priest was there - wonder where he's from. Enjoyed K-Pop too!


  2. Love the Kpop. Glad to hear you're quickly learning to navigate Seoul! When do you start teaching?