Monday, July 23, 2012

August eating food on a stick.

This is a short, fairly grainy video of August that I took today while we were sitting outside a store waiting for Irish and the girls to finish shopping. 

In this video August points out a blue truck while he eats food from a stick that I bought from a vendor. August will eat almost anything, this food tasted vaguely like seafood, and he seemed to like it.

We had a pretty uneventful day.  Tried to take a bus to a Toys R Us in the afternoon, but it sounded like the routes had changed  We switched buses and the driver of the second bus was very concerned that we get to our destination, but he spoke no English. There was some discussion between the driver and other passengers who spoke a little English but it was not very productive.  Eventually we just got off and said we had made it to where we wanted to be. And that's where I recorded August.

So enjoy the video, he is incredibly cute and remarkably adaptable.  We've moved around the world and it doesn't seem to have phased him at all. They still have trucks here so that's good. Old ladies pat his head and arms a lot but he just rolls with it.


  1. Very cute! He's such a happy boy whether he's in Colorado, Pennsylvania or Korea!

  2. Hey Irish! What a cute little boy you've got there! How fun and exciting for your family! I've read your whole blog and love all the little details about life there. We are hoping to make a visit to korea next summer! I've only been there once, passing through, so we're looking forward to a trip out there. All the best!!
    Love, Martha